Mastering the three major “Niu Niu” playing strategies.

After dealing a total of 5 cards in the game of “Niu Niu ”, players will enter the “peeking phase”. It becomes particularly tense when the sum of any three cards ends with “0”. Seeing a “Niu Niu” or Five Gong indicates a winning hand. Regardless of whether players have a high or low total amount, winning against the banker is still a small gain. But if neither of these situations occur… then the player can only rely for better luck and hope in the next round.

To try the “Niu Niu” game, players need to have a considerable amount of courage, and their hearts also need to withstand the possible intense moment of revealing the cards. The game of Five Gong and “Niu Niu” often offer an incredibly high payouts of 5x and 3x respectively. The moment if players’ luck is at its highest peak and everything is going well, don’t hesitate or give up. Have the courage to place the bets, and good fortune will definitely come to the player! Experience Lucky Cola now!

In the game of “Niu Niu”, it’s essential for players to always observe other players’ playing styles attentively. For example, some players only bet when they have a pair, and some tend to reveal their opponents’ cards by betting two hands. When this happens, they tend to increase their bet once they have a flush or stronger hand. On the other hand, some players place bets regardless of their hand, and they fold the cards if there is someone placing bets against them. Therefore, players can observe the playing styles of their opponents and plan the appropriate strategies accordingly.

4 Winning tips and tricks at “Niu Niu” to Avoid Consistent Losses.

1.Always remember the game rules

In Lucky Cola, rules have always become our main first requirement in our platform and also the most fundamental matter. If players are unable to understand the applied rules in such a simple game like “Niu Niu”, players then surely will lose miserably. Perhaps they should think that real-world experience is the highest form of learning. There is some truth to that statement, yet the main key issue is the ruling and the strategies set in “Niu Niu” are so simple that even a ten-year-old child can understand em’. Is it really necessary for players to waste their New Taiwan Dollars or Renminbi on such games? Unless they claim money is not an issue , then that will be a different story.

2.Combination and arrangement can not be less

Most new “Niu Niu” game players, once they carefully read the game rules, they will understand how to arrange the cards. Of course, whether they receive big or small cards from the button is always still a matter based on their own personal luck. If players don’t even know how to arrange the cards, from here we may already know the outcome and the consequences that they will experience. Arranging the cards is actually all about how players know how to play their hand to make the highest possible combination. It is also very simple to arrange the cards – players just put together any three cards that can form an integer. And for the remaining two cards are also grouped together to determine the size of the hand. Ideally, players always want to play a hand that is better compared than the dealer’s hand.

3.Always maintain a positive mindset and composure.

Most players in “Niu Niu” games tend to encounter a situation where they initially suffer heavy losses. Some players even continued to bet recklessly, while others managed to regain their composure and turn the game around. Overall all of this is all about a matter of the mindset that players had. Players shouldn’t feel angry or frustrations control their overall situation of the game just with the reason of losing badly. In fact, such cases will often lead players to even greater losses. Always remember that every game there are wins and losses in every game which that’s also part of the essence of fairness. If a player can’t afford to lose in a bet, then there’s no point in continuing talking about big wins or extraordinary victories.

4.Winning gracefully until old age

It’s important for players to exercise moderation in everything. This applies when it comes to playing “Niu Niu” games. If a player wins, it’s okay to feel a sense of satisfaction and leave. Avoid becoming too greedy and over clinging to the game. If a player loses, it is advisable for them to leave the game immediately. Once a player is caught up in the heat of losing, their mind and the ability to think wisely will be compromised. They won’t be able to make accurate judgments and choices every time. Of course, this can attribute players to having bad luck for the entire day. In that case, it’s even wiser for players to walk away.